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Spring Creek Bluegrass Club of Texas
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Welcome to our Bluegrass Family!

 Spring Creek Bluegrass Club (SCBC) is an organization made up of dozens of hard-working volunteers, under the direction of Buddy & Carolyn Brockett, that are dedicated to preserving the wonderful tradition of bluegrass music.

Carolyn and Buddy Brockett, co-founders of
Spring Creek Bluegrass Club.


The Brockett's had attended their first bluegrass festival in Hugo, Oklahoma in 1979 and were completely taken in by it. At that time there wasn't a lot of bluegrass in the Houston area.  On the 1st Saturday there was a show & jam at Tarkington Prairie, TX; the 2nd Saturday at Brazoria and the 3rd Saturday Sour lake.  They started going every weekend (Buddy & John started learning to play). 

The bluegrass clubs were real good to support each other so you would see the same people every weekend.  On the 4th Saturday there was nothing to do.  There seemed to be enough interest to start a new show out in the Northwest side of Houston.  Yankee Fischer (Brazoria Co. Bluegrass ) said, "you get it started and we'll be there
to help ya," and they did!


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Yankee Fischer
1934 - 1982


The first meeting was at Buddy and Carolyn's home.  Finding a place big enough to meet was the hard part.  On May 9, 1981, the community building in Decker Prairie, TX (Just North of Tomball, TX) became Spring Creek Bluegrass Club's home on the 4th Saturday for the next 3 1/2 years.   They moved to the Oklahoma Community Center and were there for 14 years.  SCBC moved to Outback Auction Arena in March, 1998-2001, moved back to the Oklahoma Community Center 2001-2004, then moved to Coushatte Recreation Ranch, near Bellville, Texas, in January 2005, where they can be found now every 4th Saturday - January through September -- see Monthly Show.  

SCBC has a rich history and good memories.  Having had three concerts, Larry Sparks in June of '83, The Lewis Family in July of '87 and Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver in July of '86.  We had seven festivals at Safari Pines (now Jellystone Park) in Waller, Texas and have been at the Coushatte Ranch near Bellville, Texas since 1994.   In February of '93, forty members traveled to Garland, Texas for the Southwest Bluegrass club's winter show.  In February of '96, one hundred members attended Bluegrass at the Grand in Galveston, Texas to see IIIrd Tyme Out and Hickory Hill.   In May of '88, Tomball Mayor, Lee Tipton proclaimed May as Bluegrass Music Awareness Month.  In 1992, 1993, 1994, 1999, 2000, and 2001 they chartered a bus to Nashville, TN for the SPBGMA music awards show.


The friendships which have been formed over the years are priceless! Here are some statements for a few:

"What I think is so unique about bluegrass musicians is the fact that it doesn't make any difference what a person does for a living or his or her background, young or old, rich or poor, pretty or ugly, all can play together and enjoy each other's music! You may be a plumber, lawyer, banker, preacher or teacher all playing together and it makes no difference what each one does."

"What I like about bluegrass music is that it is something the family can enjoy together! It is good, clean family entertainment, a place where you can take children and they can enjoy it, too."

"There is nothing in our society, known to me, outside of church activities, that equals the fellowship you find at bluegrass events. It remains a mystery how this can be with so many people congregated, yet the cordiality that exists is unbelievable. You would think that everyone there is a personal acquaintance of everyone else, yet the lack of personal acquaintance does not hinder the feeling that everyone there is a personal friend."

We truly value statements like this. We look forward to more friends, more fun and more music.


  • To provide a place where musicians and fans can come together for good wholesome family entertainment in an environment free from drugs and alcohol.
  • To further the awareness and enjoyment of bluegrass music through teaching, playing and sharing it with listeners.
  • To fulfill the desires of musicians to perform and entertain the fans by having an annual bluegrass music festival. It is held the last weekend of October at the Coushatte Recreation Ranch near Bellville, Texas.
  • To keep the membership informed through a monthly newsletter containing bluegrass events and articles of interest.

Our newsletter was nominated for newsletter of the year by SPBGMA every year from 1991 through 2000. It won that title in 1993, 1999, and 2001.



Monthly Show
and Jam Schedule:

August 23

September 27
No show and Jam in
Oct, Nov, and Dec   due to SCBC Festival, Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.
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